Our Benefits

  • Comprehensive software development
  • Versatility
  • Market analysis to create a competitive product
  • Reduced development time and costs
  • Reduced time to market
  • Well trained developers
  • Other benefits

Comprehensive software development

HitSoft provides a full cycle of services from designing, developing and testing to full market release and support. We cover all of your product development needs.


Our services can be tailored to suit your specific needs, whether it is complete product development, expanding your existing development team or support for an existing product. We guarantee that you will be satified with all of our services.

Market analysis to create a competitive product

HitSoft can help you build a competitive product. Our product analysis experts will examine the functionality and technology of any competing products and will happily provide suggestions to you.

Reduce development time and costs

We provide timely and high quality software development services at prices that are lower than in any other country.

Reduced time to market

Time to market is an important competitive factor for any business. This is especially true for software since products change so quickly. We work fast to reduce the time to market of your product.

Well trained developers

HitSoft employs only well-qualified developers. We draw from a large pool of talented engineers from nearby Novosibirsk State University and other surrounding scientific institutions that are all dedicated to computer technology research and development. Hitsoft is located in AkademGorodok (Academy City) near Novosibirsk, the silicon valley of Russia that is know as “silicon taiga”.

Other benefits