Development Frameworks

These are development frameworks we use in our different projects to improve our productivity. Those frameworks and code libraries created for better and easier work with different parts of projects and automation of deployment procedures.

Hitsoft Development Framework software products has several licensing options available on Development Frameworks Licensing Overview page.

To find out the prices for our products, please follow the product you are going to license for commercial purposes.

Hitsoft SQL Object Library
Database access library that allows to user to use typed DB Metadata objects while building SQL requests. Using this library you will forget when you... 
Hitsoft XML Object Library
After you once try to work with XML configs and simple databases using our XML Object Library framework, you will never want to do it other way. 
Hitsoft NSIS Coder
This framework will be useful to those, who dealing with dynamic NSIS scripts. For example you have NSIS script that contain product version in it...