Homes Harvester

This is the system for realty business helping to realtor collecting leads from Expired MLS records. It has close integration with different MLS systems available on US market.

Everything except the general idea was done by Hitsoft LLC. Architecture design, integrations with external systems, integration with IE to capture downloads and so on.

Project Technical Summary
Operational platform Win32
Operation system Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP
Programming Language Object Pascal, SQL
Technologies used COM, TCP-IP
Environment used Delphi, Firebird

Experience Used
Desktop Applications
We have developed a wide range of both standalone and server–based desktop applications... 
Realty Software
We developed a set of products to support the US realty business... 
Technologies Used
Delphi is the very well known technology in our company. We had experience of working with all possible versions of Delphi...