Hitsoft Backgammon

This is multiplayer Backgammon game software that consists of two parts, Server and Client application that can connect to server and allow people to play in Backgammon with each other.

This project was implemented by Hitsoft LLC from the scratch. It consists of three parts: Game Server, Game Client and Server Administration software.

Project Technical Summary
Operational platform Win32
Operation system Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP
Programming Language Object Pascal, SQL
Technologies used TCP-IP, 2D Animation, Graphics Optimization, SSL, RNG
Environment used Delphi, Microsoft SQL Server

Experience Used
Desktop Applications
We have developed a wide range of both standalone and server–based desktop applications... 
Creative Design
You will be impressed with the quality and creativeness of our graphic designers... 
Online Games
We created a unique online game engine that allows us to seamlessly add games into the existing structure... 
Technologies Used
Delphi is the very well known technology in our company. We had experience of working with all possible versions of Delphi...