Our professionals have experience in wide range of technologies including different programming languages, methodologies and support disciplines. Here is the short list of technologies we use in our projects:

  • Programming languages: Delphi, Java, C#, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL
  • Methodologies and techniques: Scrum, UML
  • Platforms: Win32, Linux, .NET, J2EE
  • SQL Servers: Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird, MySQL
  • NoSQL Servers: MongoDB
  • Web and Application Servers: Apache, Tomcat, Microsoft IIS

Delphi is the very well known technology in our company. We had experience of working with all possible versions of Delphi... 
Java programming language and J2EE technology is next our preferred technology after Delphi and Win32. We use it usually for web... 
.NET is a well-known technology for us, because in our Win32 practice of work on Delphi we used to use the same principles of managed... 
PHP language is well known for us and we have not problems in using it. But for serious enterprise level web application we prefer to use… 
Anybody who specializes in web development must know and be able to use the HTML and JavaScript languages. Whatever the…